Queen City  Queen City Limited Edition (Film, Music, CD, Poster)

Queen City Queen City Limited Edition (Film, Music, CD, Poster)

Queen City

Limited Edition Movie

(Blu-ray & DVD), Original Soundtrack CD and Music Poster!


As the 1970's draw to a close, Queen City is in dire straights.  The steel mills are closed, people are leaving in droves and political corruption is rampant.  In the dead of winter, Detective "Jimmy" Brinker (Peter McGennis) sets out to expose mobsters with the help of savvy jazz singer Lady Midnight (Vivica A. Fox), slick private dick Takiri (Lyriq Bent) and  an incredible, one-of-a-kind musical cast including Susan Tedeschi, Allen Toussaint, James Cotton, Sharon Jones, Maria Muldaur, Magic Slim, Toni Lynn Washington and others.  Steel town blues never sounded so good in this campy 1970's infused musical homage. 

Rustbelt Woman Work It One Mo' Time!



- Dual Layer Blu-ray with 5.1 surround sound and subtitles for        Spanish, French and English.

- DVD included (Film and all Special Features).

- Special Features include a "Where Are They Now?" Tribute to Magic Slim, Director's Commentary, Slide Show Funk, Trailer and more surprises.

- Deleted Scenes and Music Performances from both Movie & Premiere!

- CD (Original Soundtrack) featuring 14 total tracks from Sharon Jones, Allen Toussaint, Magic Slim, Susan Tedeschi, James Cotton, Maria Muldaur, Toni Lynn Washington, Jann Parker, Peter McGennis and more.

- Numbered Souvenir Premiere Ticket.

- Original Soundtrack Poster.